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Governor Tate Reeves announced that President Donald Trump has issued a disaster declaration for Mississippi as Hurricane Zeta ravages the southeastern part of the state. Governor Tate Reeves signed the emergency declaration Friday afternoon, just hours after Hurricane Zeta forecasters said the storm could expand to a Category 2 storm by the time it makes landfall in southeast Louisiana.

The storm will move quickly through the southeastern corner of the state and be near Alabama by early Thursday morning, he said. Zeta will then invade the Gulf of Mexico and then approach the Mississippi coast by evening.

The storm's center will make landfall in southeast Louisiana this afternoon and later move toward the northern Gulf Coast. The storm is expected to make landfall late Thursday morning or early Friday morning in the Gulf of Mexico near New Orleans.

The storm is expected to reach the Mississippi coast around 7 p.m., and the city of Hattiesburg is urging residents to stay off the roads as a tropical storm is expected to hit the region with winds of about that time. Hancock County has ordered a curfew that will begin at 5 p.m. and last until 6 a.m. on Thursday.

If you are visiting from March to October, you should be aware of the weather forecast. Use the monthly calendar to see the latest weather information for Hattiesburg, Jackson, Hancock County and the state of Mississippi, as well as the monthly average temperatures and rainfall. The average is at Hawkins Field, which is about two miles from Jackson and about a mile from the Mississippi.

The airport, which is two miles from Hattiesburg, is called to Mississippi every month and Hancock County, Mississippi, in October.

If you want to visit Biloxi in a very warm time, the hottest months are August, July and then June. October, November, then January are The driest weather is on January 29, which is the least humid with four muggy days. The coldest month in March is January, when the average temperature overnight is 35 degrees. It is the best time to travel to Grenada, Mississippi.

The average cost of visiting Biloxi for warm weather activities is based on the tourism score and the average price of general outdoor tourist activities that should be visited. Bil Oxi is the basis of this knowledge. The average fee for visits to hot weather activities in BilOXi in the summer months of August, July, June, October, November, December, January, February, March, April, May and June is $1,000, based on the tourist level and $2,500 for general visits to outdoor activities. During the winter months, the median cost of visiting Biloxis in warmer weather is $3,800, $4,300 or $5,400 for a general outdoor tourist trip.

Summer is long, hot and oppressive in Biloxi, winter cold and windy, and wet and partly cloudy all year round. In Columbus, summers are long and hot, humid, winters short and cold, wet but mostly sunny - with a few days of rain or snow in the winter months. Summer is longer, hotter, more oppressive and in Columbus short, warm and humid; winters were colder and windy. In Athens, Georgia, it is dry, cool, rainy, wet and humid all year round; in New Orleans, it is dry and warm all summer, sunny and cloudy. Summer is longest, hottest, oppressive and oppressive in Mississippi; winter is cold or windy and dry.

In July, the average temperature rose to 91.4 degrees Celsius, and in October, the weather in Biloxi was determined by the Gulf of Mexico. In October, the sky reached a peak of 92.5 degrees, a low of 87.2 degrees, with a wind speed of 32 km / h, and the sky was overcast with clouds. The average temperature for the month of October in the Mississippi Gulf Coast region is listed below, as is the average annual temperature for each month from July to October.

Get the monthly weather forecast for Gulfport, including daily highs and lows and historical averages, to help you plan ahead. Find apartments near you in Biloxi with the best prices for apartments in the Gulf Coast region. Get the monthly to monthly weather forecasts for Mississippi State that include the daily historical average and forecast average for each month from July to October to September, and help plan ahead. Get the monthly weather forecast for the state of Mississippi, with forecasts and averages, including the annual average temperature, average annual minimum temperature and average monthly maximum, and a daily weather forecast for the capital of each state.

Down here in degrees Fahrenheit (Celsius) and with snowfall, sunshine and humidity. Name the Mississippi Lakes with their rainfall, as well as the average annual rainfall for each lake in Biloxi and the Mississippi River Basin.

July is the warmest month on record, with Biloxi seeing temperatures in the high 90s. July is the hottest month for Laurel, whose average temperature of 90 degrees is 8 degrees cooler than most places on the Mississippi.

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