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Southern Methodist University in Texas has cancelled its planned 2020 civil rights bus pilgrimage to explore the Deep South landmarks. Based on information from the Mississippi Department of Health, the Mississippi Department of Archives and History will close the site's offices beginning Friday, March 13. Chairman Charles Overby announced Friday (March 12) that the Mississippi Civil Rights bus tour to South Carolina 2020 has been canceled due to a coronavirus pandemic.

The Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame Museum will be closed to the public until at least April 4 and closed until further notice, according to a news release.

The Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience in Meridian will be closed to the public March 17-23. All public events at the MDAH site, including the weekly Lunch and Distilling Festival and the Mississippi State Fair, have been postponed, according to a news release.

Live music will be performed at the event, which will be led by Nick Trivelas, a folk dance artist representing different areas of interest from around the country. In addition to food and drink, the festival also includes crafts, and tour dates for live music events are available on the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Experience website. Watch the opening of the Biloxi Arts & Entertainment Festival on Saturday, March 18, and get a ticket.

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There is a lot to discover in this city and we curate events that help you find the right events at the right time. We bring you all the events in Biloxi, including events full of thrills, adventures, tents and hikes. This chef will guide you through 25 more directories, from food, wine, beer, music, art, food trucks, entertainment, craft beer and more.

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You may have caught a big fish that will be on display on Saturday 2 December at this annual festival, which is over 60 years old.

The Maritime Fishing Industry Museum invites you to sail with them and barbecue with the teams as they sail through the bay on their way to and from the museum. The waterfront home is also competing to be named the best home of the Parade Captain in the Bayou and serve as a parade judge. Look at the boats full of holiday clothes that make it to this point and take part in an illuminated parade.

The event centre hosts a number of comedians and musicians throughout the year to provide high-quality entertainment. The Biloxi, MS Junior Convention aims to promote the education of young people in the Mississippi Gulf Coast region through a variety of events and activities. Upcoming events include events such as the annual Mississippi State Fair, MS State Convention and Expo, and more.

The Biloxi, MS Junior Convention, Mississippi State Convention and Expo are held on the third Saturday of each month from July to September at the Gulf Coast Convention Center.

The exhibitors meet from July to September every third Saturday of the month at the Biloxi Convention Center. The exhibitors meet and greet, meet - and greet -, panel discussions and more.

The best area to stage and view the parade is bebe your beau, but the best vantage points for the parades are the Biloxi Convention Center, Mississippi State Fairgrounds and the Gulf Coast Convention and Visitors Bureau. Best views of the parades: The most popular location for the parade in Mississippi State.

The parade starts at Gulfport Lake and ends at the mouth of Bayou Big Lake. The illuminated boat parade begins at Beach Blvd, goes up Coleman Avenue from the library and then through the city of Biloxi to the mouths of the Bayous and the Big Lakes.

This is the only waterfront parade in Gulfport and offers a close - and personal - view of the boats overlooking Biloxi's waterfront, the Great Lake and the Bayous.

This guide gives you an overview of everything that makes coastal areas special, and a programme card is also included in your registration package. While it is an open cruise, cruisers can plan their individual schedules in advance and decide which one they want to visit.

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