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Mississippi may be more artistic than you think, but there are many ways to explore the arts in Biloxi and other parts of the Mississippi and Gulf Coast. From artists to promoting community engagement with the arts, one of the best places to see art in Mississippi is to support local artists.

Whether you're interested in buying or collecting art, or just want to visit galleries, the list below takes you through some Mississippi art galleries. Before heading to the main exhibition, take a moment to look at the wood that Terry Tjader used to make wood, which he converted into a unique work of art after Hurricane Katrina.

This timely exhibition follows the publication of Bonge's first major book devoted to the artist's art and life. In addition, a scholarly monograph is scheduled to be published this spring, which was written in collaboration with the University of Mississippi School of Arts and Sciences and the Mississippi Museum of Fine Arts. Piercing the Inner Wall, "shows the life and work of one of America's most influential and influential artists, and traces his artistic and spiritual growth through painting, drawing, and sculpture. The drawings are on display in the museum's exhibition and in a number of galleries and museums across the state.

The Pleasant Reed House Interpretive Center presents the life and work of one of Mississippi's most influential black artists. The Reed House, which Pleasant had built himself, was donated to the O'Keefe Museum of Art so that it could be preserved for the benefit of African-American families under Jim Crow. A collection of nearly 200 ceramic pieces commemorates the artistic legacy of George Washington, and the museum highlights the artist's contributions to Mississippi's art and culture, as well as the history of civil rights in Mississippi.

The museum displays vivid paintings and ceramics that bring to life the scenes of nature and people in Mississippi. Mississippi had such expressive artists who worked with materials ranging from conventional oil and watercolor to corrugated iron and clay, which were studded with found objects. The paintings show Gulf Coast residents living by the sea, aspiring artists and the people of the Mississippi River Valley.

The largest collection of Civil War sculptures can be seen in the Vicksburg National Military Park, which features some of the country's most important sculptors. Jackson also owns several art galleries, including the Jackson Museum of Art, Mississippi Art Museum and the Art Institute of Mississippi.

Its location on the Gulf of Mexico also makes Biloxi a popular destination for summer festivals of seafood, live music and beach shows. The city also hosts an annual arts festival called Art Rocks Tupelo, which celebrates music, film, art and theater. Emmitt Smith, an internationally recognized figure in Mississippi art history, has established the gallery as the leading visual arts venue in BiloXi. Visual artists were honored at the museum, as were the Mississippi Art Museum and the Art Institute of Mississippi.

Be sure to check out the Biloxi Art Gallery Guide, a comprehensive guide to the city's galleries and galleries, available online throughout the year. Click on the "Art Gallery Guide" at the top of the navigation and you will find a list of all galleries as well as information about their events and discounts. The pass includes access to all the galleries of the museum and the Mississippi Art Institute of Mississippi, as well as free admission to other events.

This gallery is dedicated to representing artists from across Mississippi and provides strong support for local artists. Located in the heart of Biloxi, just a short walk from the Mississippi Art Institute, this gallery offers a wide selection of displays, paintings, sculptures and other artworks. Continue your journey through Mississippi's modern art by visiting the Walter Anderson Museum of Art. The shop is charming and dedicated to artists and has a wide selection of screens offered by the gallery, as well as a number of special events.

The Southside Art Gallery, which focuses on visual and folk art from the entire Southeast, hosts new exhibitions every month and regularly hosts artists "receptions where exhibiting artists present their works and can be admired by the public. The University of Mississippi Art Museum offers unique views of the Mississippi Gulf Coast and its history. From June, this museum will be hosting an exhibition of oil paintings by the artist Frank Janca, juxtaposing scenes of everyday French life with perceptions of both the Mississippi and Gulf coasts in a series of exhibitions.

Biloxi, Mississippi (2005) is part of a series titled 'American Power' and was shot during the same Southern city's transit system that Epstein was visiting.

The first time I left the freeway and explored the state's scenic and historic regions, I drove the I-10 through the Mississippi coast a dozen times. I drove through the back streets, visited the ancestral homes of Natchez, went to the battlefields of Vicksburg, visited Elvis's birthplace in Tupelo, paid tribute to the civil rights movement in Jackson, roamed the delta, visited the ghost town of Rodney, and crossed the states with my friend and fellow artist Chris Criss.

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